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Is something like this possible with the XCP or even OG X-Carve? I’m sure it would take some creative macros or something? My question is it even possible wiring wise? Would it all be wired in with the touch probe? This is out of the realm of what I know. I was just curious if it was possible.


Shapeoko BitSetter - Carbide 3D


If you’re willing to use a different sender, like gSender, this is absolutely possible and we were doing it before the bitsetter was released.
I’ve got macros that’ll work with cncjs or gSender.

That’s an old post with a lot of follow ups. Happy to help anyone here as it changed the way I look at CNC and tool changes.


That’s awesome. I’ve been using g-sender and openbuilds lately. Would you go for the bitsetter or the amazon choice? What would I wire it into?

I used to, and still sometimes do, use aluminum foil. That Amazon one looks pretty tall and I think those are 24v. The bitsetter runs on 5v, like your controller.
Essentially, it’s just a probe. You can use the same probe block you use to set zeros.
The nice thing about the bitsetter and those like it is that you don’t need to ground your endmill when you probe. Is the XCP spindle grounded? Does ground carry through to the endmill?

I feel like it is. I’ve got a green ground wire connected to the vacuum boom that’s goes to a ground plug on the back of the controller box and the boom is mounted to the frame of the whole machine. Would a way to know be to plug in the probe and then touch it to the tool end without sticking the magnet to the tool? Then if the probe light comes on it’s grounded? Does that make sense?

If you can probe successfully without a magnet, you’re grounded. That said, I originally wrote some macros before the bitsetter existed, do I have a version that waits for you to add/remove your magnet.

Will this work in g-sender or openbuilds or is it specific to cncjs?

Cncjs or gSender. I use gSender now. I’ve never really used OpenBuilds Control, so I’m not sure what they can handle with macros.

Good deal, I like g-sender so I’ll use that. So I’m looking at the github where you have the new_tool_BitSetter. Is that the best one to use? I’m looking through the forum link you gave me to figure out what variables to change.

The bitsetter versions assume you don’t need to stop to add/remove magnets or clips for probing.


You’ll run initial_tool anytime AFTER your Z-zero is set and before your first tool change. you’ll run the new_tool macro every time you’re ready to change your tool.

Gotcha, thanks. If I am doing the magnet, clips, etc. version, which macros do I use for those? Would that be the precision_toolchange_macro?

These ones.
There’s a procedure doc there too. These could also use an update as gSender is making improvements all the time.

Awesome! You’re great for this dude, I appreciate your time and help!

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No problem!
Let me know if you have any questions.

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