Z not homing correctly

Several times I’ve started carving a project and for whatever reason had to stop it - usually my problem. When my X-Carve goes back to home it’s always perfect on the X and Y axis - but never the correct height. So I have to reset the tip to the surface of the item I’m carving - which for me is almost impossible to get just right. Sure i can get close (I actually use a piece of paper and manually jog the Z at .01 increments until it JUST touches the paper) but it’s not perfect. I surfaced a board and goofed something, so I had to stop and restart - it was off just enough to be annoying.

Is this just how it is or am I a goober who has missed something on setup?

I believe it stays at the safety height, which can be found in Easel’s Machine Inspector. It remembers where home is, just doesn’t drop the bit down to zero.

Indeed. Returns to x0 y0 but stays at z safety height. If you know the safety height just jog the z down by that much and then it’ll be back at x0 y0 z0.



Thanks for the replies guys. Ian - I tried that, .15 is my safety height and I set the jog to .01 - hit it 15 times and it’s not going far enough. Haven’t had any issues with incorrect depth, may check my Z voltage though. Great idea and I hope I can get it to work for me.

That may indicate it’s not micro-stepping enough for you, which could be because of the Z pot being set too low, tight v-wheels, tight/loose Z belt, or some other source of friction (delrin nut tight on threaded rod, etc.).

Working with the tolerance that you are (0.01 is that inches?) you may have to calibrate your steps/mm for the Z axis.