Z path problems

I’m having an issue with my x-carve cutting paths as it moves from one cut to another. it seems like its not raising the router high enough and it drags across my project ruining it.

after it drags across my project and ruins it, I hit stop and as the router returns to the home setting, it will continue dragging across my project?

any help?

Was the bit tight in the collet when you started? Is the material an even thickness throughout? Have you checked your wasteboard for level compared to the spindle?

If you’ve never surfaced your wasteboard there is a chance it has bumps in it (the mdf swells) which may raise parts of your material compared to the zero location.

You can set your safety height higher but you shouldn’t need to. It’s kind of a bandaid and will add more cut time (depending on how many z movements you have).

Turn off the power and turn the top nut of the Z axis by hand all the way down and up. Be sure it turns smoothly all the way without any tight spots.

If it moves smoothly then you should check to be sure the voltage level for the Z axis set correctly.

Apart from the safe Z height I would also check:

  • Z zero on bottom of the sheet instead of top
  • Wrong number of steps/mm for Z axis

Mine was the grub (set) screws on the pulley on the z axis had come a bit loose. tightened it up with a bit of blue loc-tite and all was good again,.

Thanks to everyone, haven’t had a chance to get in my shop this week. I plan on trouble shooting te issue on Friday, i will keep you posted.

Thanks much for the pointers