Z prob not reading for Final Pass

I have had it with my Xcarve 1000. Seems issues come one after another, I did get alot of info thru the Inventables Forum but I was not going to be the guy that continued to have issues every time I did a cut. I did have a few successfull cuts but then another issue would come up, I have ordered a completely different machine (OneFinity journeyman pro) as the new Xcarve Pro is way over priced. I do want to understand the issue and figure out the solution to my latest problem.

I bought a new Z probe from Inventables, I set it up in the machine settings, When I went to probe for my roughing pass It was able to probe successfully, But for the final pass the z probe would not pass the CONTACT portion of the process which resulted in my router pushing down onto my z probe and not stopping which caused me to shut the machine off which I have never been able to get my Zero position to line up after the machine cuts off. What pushed me over the edge is this happened 2 times back to back resulting in wasting 2 seperate 3 hours roughing cuts.

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This is just my experience. I do a test probe on a sponge to see if it works before I set it on the material. On my x carve, I’ve replaced the jack and plug at least once. They aren’t the most robust parts. Make sure the clamp is on metal that conducts well too. Also make sure your settings are slow enough to stop before the bit hits the probe. The probe settings tell how far to probe down and retract. You need to be within those parameters for it to work. How to Customize Z-Probe Settings in Easel – Inventables (zendesk.com)

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My previous Z prob had no issues… I only replaced due to the copper portion has seen better days.

This morning after the post on this forum, I went out and reset my browser, then ran thru the roughing probe and the detail probe and this time both of them read. After any changes are made, are you supposed to save and close your browser and re open for the changes to complpetely take place?