Z Probe Fails in Carve Mode

I have set up my machine (Sainsmart 3018 PROVer V2) and the z probe works in the initial setup.
The probe has also never failed in other programs and the machine is new.

I set up my first project in Easel and went into the Carve mode, walked through the steps, but when I got to the material depth and select Probe, there is no progress and the probe is not recognized contacting the bit.
I had to go back and do a manual paper depth position since the probe function failed.

(If you are curious, I am making blood spatter angle boards for our forensics labs!)

you can go into machine inspector by pressing ctrl+Shift+D and seeing if there is an alarm to indicate the probe fault cause.

Also if you go to Machine>Edit Machine there’s a button to edit the probe settings at the lower left, that might hold some information as to the issue as well…

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Hello, I have both an X-Carve and XCP Pro. On the X-Carve, I used to get occasional Z-probe errors because of faulty connections. (MY FAULT PROBABLY)

Good luck!

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