Z Probe Not being recognized as connected

So the fitting that held the Z Probe connector to the gantry broke as I was hand tightening the nut on during assembly. I got a new Z - probe, but the original works as kind of a “separate entity” (Not attached via gantry). Often it will not recognize the probe as being plugged in when it is. I will plug and unplug. I’ve removed and re-set the wiring. I’ve even swapped the wiring. The issue will resolve itself if I turn the machine off and back on. However, this usually will destroy hours of work when it happens between a rough and detail cut and the motors and gantry move after being de-charged. I assume that me leaving the probe plugged in all the time (it wasn’t in the way so I didn’t see a problem with it) might be leading to my issue.

I’m mainly wondering if anyone else is experiencing anything like this, or has any insight. Is it because I left it plugged it? (I am no longer doing this in hopes to avoid it) My machine seems to have a bad controller board since it goes off path a lot. I’ve ruined four projects now due to it just going off path for no reason. I don’t know if this is related to that or not, but of course it could be. Another reason to see if anyone has any insight. Thanks. Semper Fi.

Mine does this. I have to twist and turn the connection. Sometimes it fixes it. If not just hit the emergency shit off and turn it back on. It’s fixed mine. As far as a permanent fix I don’t have one. It that’s what I do to prevent having to start over. So when I say the connection I’m meaning the actual plug that goes into the port for the Zprobe initial step.