Z-Probe Not touching plate

Everything on my machine was working but now when I was setting up a new piece. I had everything ready to go but when I get to the setting the Z-Axis the Z Probe goes down a fraction of an inch and give me a false positive that it is zero but it’s nowhere near touching the plate.

Any ideas? I ran the machine inspector and tested the connectivity of the plate and everything is showing it’s fine. But even when I zeroed it manually and set the machine to cut a depth of .1" it didn’t even break the service of the wood.

Please help! I have a commissioned job I’m working on that is due. Thanks in advance for the help!

i am guessing it is a short circuit inside the part of the probe harness that plugs into the carriage. the plastic cover should screw off, and allow inspection of the connections. mine was erratic sometimes, so i cut all that off and converted to a different male and female pulg.

You don’t have to Z probe automatically, you can still set your Zaxis zero depth manually to get the job out the door. Just use a keen eye to get er done.

Is this an X-carve?