Z-Probe or no Z-Probe

I have the new Z-Probe (from the upgrade kit) and the concept is kinda neat but is it reliable? I have been routinely sticking a piece of 1/4 inch scratch board under my pieces in case I cut too deep (and yea, I’ve gone more than 1/4 too deep…sigh…)

Will using the Z-Probe eliminate the need for this scratch board? Secondly, does it work in other software other than Easel (ie. Universal G-Code Sender)??


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Make sure that you have the right size for the probe plate … the default size may not be correct…


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What he said. :point_up:t2:

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A Z-probe is not necessarily the cure for cutting too deep, it just lets you know that your Z=0 position is the top of the wood. If you still program to cut 0.75" deep for a 0.5" thick board, you’re going to cut 0.25" too deep.

However, I love my three axis Triquetra block like Robert said and I do basically every cut using it first.

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Can you provide a link to this Triquetra block? I am kinda interested in how this works.

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As Phil posted you can go there or visit his site directly: https://triquetra-cnc.com/


My biggest problem is the Z Axis. Can someone tell me how to use the one that came with the kit until I can get the Triquetra one?