Z probe problem

Hello everyone,
How can to explain why the machine starts to work in the XY zero-point?? I send for you a

video to understand what I mean.

Hi Omari!

How did you go about setting the z-height ?

Also what are you using for design/modeling? Easel? Fusion360? The reason I’m asking is if you are not using Easel have you checked your registration points? Other users have had issues where they inadvertently marked the underside of their work piece.

Hello dear George,
Thank you for your reply. I set the Z height by the Z probe. And I use Easel. I want to tell you that I use the Z probe with another bit (30 V BIT), and the machine starts to works perfectly. When I replace this bit with a 60 V bit, then I faced this problem.

Are you redoing the z probe when replacing the bit ?

Are you redoing the z probe when replacing the bit? Yes.

I used 60 V bit, but her width is different from the 60 V bit in Easel. Maybe this is the cause of the problem??

It could be. Its important to have the size of the bit in the software match the size it is in the real world.

What is your exact workflow when changing the bit? Do you re-zero Z with new bit?

It does not workflow. The problem happens when I start a new work (After I click on “CARVE!” icon).