Z-Probe Purpose

Okay, another newbie question here. Just what exactly is the function of the Z-Probe? I have the Z-probe attached and functional with my X-Carve. The X-Carve works fine and I have used it with the Z-Probe when making a project. What I don’t understand is what purpose does it serve other than an additional step in setting up my carve.

Instead of setting your bit height by eye or with a feeler guage/paper shim, it touches the probe and backs up the amount of the probe thickness. It’s very handy when you want extreme accuracy in depth of cut, especially when cutting thin material. I have one on my K2 and something went wrong in the circuit for it. I am lost without it as it takes 3-4x more time to set the bit.

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The purpose is to have a consistent and automated reference in Z relative to the work piece.

you want it, basically.

It’s like an automatic transmission vs. a manual shift transmission in your car, they both work. but the automatic is more convenient.