Z Probe Resets Z Calibration

Alright, so I bought an x carve used, brought it home and set it up.

Calibrating the X and Y axis was pretty easy and so was the Z axis once I did it a few times. When I calibrated the Z axis the $102=50.5, so at that point everything to correct.

Using the Z probe, I go through the setup and as soon as I lift the Z probe to the bit to verify the connection, the $102 changes to $102=188.976. It has done this several times and it’s always this number.

I finish the Z probe setup, not knowing that the $102 has changed for some reason and the start the carve. The x carve goes to the X and Y Home and drives the bit all the way into the workpiece and into the waist board.

I’m at a loss at for what could be changing the settings during the job setup. I will say that I can manually set the Z height a paper thickness above the work piece and the carve is successful. Any help is greatly appreciated.


X Carve (older model that has been upgraded)
X Controller
C4N Z axis lift

Screen Shot 2021-03-27 at 12.46.55 PM

Screen Shot 2021-03-27 at 12.46.13 PM

The machine setup? Don’t do that after you change settings.
What kind of Z axis do you have? 50.5 is an unusual value for an X-carve…I think.

Note that there are two areas where actual travel can be adjusted, outside the mechanical aspects of the macine:

  • Microstep settings (Done on the driver side, usually by confuring a set of dip switches)
  • GRBL parameter ($102 in this case for Z)

Machine Setup is a one-time deal, once set there is no need to revisit it again.
Fine-tuning is done by editing whatever GRBL parameter is involved.

I apologize for the absence, I had a family issue I had to be present at. I will respond to everyone in a minute. Thank you for all the suggestions.

Yes, the machine setup. I’m not sure how often I need to do it. Do I run the setup each time I log in to the x-crave or easel? Will it remember the settings from the last time I used it even after I shut off the computer?

I have a C4N Z Axis Lift (6 inch. version)

Don’t run the setup again. Just change the settings you need to change and never mess with it again. The GRBL settings are stored in the controller, not your computer.

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I’ll have to look at those settings and let you know what I find out.

Yeah I wasn’t sure how often I had to run the machine set-up.

What I need is a written workflow of steps to take each time I start a new project. Anyone have something like that I can refernece?

Thank you…so unless easel ask me to run the set-up…don’t?

I still wouldn’t run it.
The question is why you’re being asked to run it over and over.

This is why I need a written workflow…understanding that I only need to run the machine setup once helps.

I checked the dip switches and they are correct.
I get to the GRBL settings through the Machine Inspector correct?

  • that’s how I corrected the Z axis calibration.

Send $$ to see your settings.

Screen Shot 2021-04-09 at 1.01.22 PM

This Carve was successful…but I kept checking to be sure that $102=50.5 (the calibrated z axis setting)

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It’ll stay that way until you run the setup again or explicitly change it

Thank you for your help…