Z Probe showing No Contact in Machine Setup

Dear all,

happy to have my new X Carve (bought two weeks ago at RoboSavvy in UK), now up and running in Bonn, Germany. Assembly worked well except using the Z Probe. Here is my problem:

If I start Machine>Set up your Machine and it comes to recognizing the Z probe, Easel notices the plug getting into the socket, but it does not see contact if the touch plate touches the collet. Hence, so far I could only cancel and work without Z probe.

HOWEVER, if I start Machine>Advanced>Machine Inspector both the plug insertion as well as contact to the touch plate is recognized without any problem.

I am using a Macbook with Easel started in Safari.

Do you have any suggestions what to do to get the Z-probe working?

Thanks a lot and best regards

Is the collet within the circuit?

The Machine Inspector shows contact if either

  • clip is on collet and touch plate is in contact with collet or
  • clip is directly clipped to touch plate

This is why I think that hardware is working as supposed.

But in both cases the Machine>Set up your Machine does not show a contact.

I’m having this same issue. Hardware seems to be fine, have used voltmeter and continuity is fine on both wires. This is looking like a software issue.

I’m also on a mac.

Ok, I resolved this. In my case it was a user interface issue. The “Collect is attached” on the screen is not a status but rather a button to be pushed once you attach the collect. At that point the setup goes on. Maybe I did not read the instruction completely.

Oh, thanks! Seems that was my issue as well. I retried and (when pushing that button) the probe shows connection when touching the plate as it should.

So, everything working now, thanks Gregory, without you I wouldn‘t have found my mistake yet. :grinning:

I spent 30 minutes troubleshooting this same issue before I realized you had to click the blue box. Some text would be nice indicating that. :slight_smile: