Z-Probe values for other GCode software (CNCJS)


I want to use CNCJS to probe using the Inventables Z-Probe. I am kind of confused with the Probe Depth setting and Touchplate thickness. I am guessing the thickness is set to 15mm for inevitables plate and 0 in Probe Depth?

And I am guessing the retraction distance is only what it means… What to retract after probing to move the machine to zero?

Any other gotchas I should be aware of ??? :slight_smile:

If you want to probe using the default box and not the macro:

Probe Depth = distance z will probe before erroring out; Probe feedrate = speed at which z will probe; Touch plate thickness = use a set of calipers or other preferred tool and measure the thickness of your touch plate; Retraction distance = the distance z will move up away from the touch plate when finished probing.

This function will only help you zero the bit to your material height. This will have no effect on the X or Y axis. This is where Charley’s triquetra block comes in handy. Works like a charm (IMHO).

Hope that clears it up for you.

Everyone thank you for your answer!

Will this block work with a macro in cncjs or in ugs?

Yes it will work with cncjs.

Ordered one!

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I now got the probe… Any Ideas on what do to for probing in CNCJS?

Install the toolbox software provided and run the 3 axis setup. The process will create a file containing the probing gcode. Just copy and paste the code in one to the available macro slots. Make sure to follow the instructions on what measurements you need for the 3 axis process.

Once you get familiar with using the block you are going to be thankful you have it. Charley is fantastic at responding to questions. Please reach out to him if you feel the need.

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I created multiple Gcode files for the different bits and/or configuration I’m using and I just select and run those files.


Thank you all.

I guess is one of those things you just have to try to incorporate in your workflow.

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Yes. But once you do, it’s an extra maybe 90 seconds and it’s just good insurance.

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