Z-Probe... what happened to you? I miss you

So after a year or more of using my machine, my Z-probe doesn’t connect any more. Do the probes go bad and need replacing or is it in my setup software? I really want to back.
Thanks in advance for any solutions.

Check your connection at the puck and at your jack, you might have a broken wire, you can use at muti meter to check.

Have you had any luck? I am having the same issue where the Z-Probe is no longer working and it is definitely NOT the wiring or the connections inside the controller or the Z-Probe itself.

My ignorance runneth over… I went into my setup and realized the probe button was unchecked. Not sure that happened but once I turned it on, bam… working fine.

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I wish my issue was that easy, I’ve gone through every step and now Inventables is sending me a new motherboard for a little over $17. I hope it works. When I go to the settings page to set up the Z-Probe it already shows as connected when it is not connected at all. Maybe this new board will fix the issue.

Sure hope it does…