Z rod not vertical


When mounting the z rod, it is not vertical… (Rod is, but bearing seems to hold it not vertical )

Problem is when adjusting the wheels , the tension is different at bottom then at top.

What to do?
I can put high tension on the tiling belt, but I think that’s to much for the stepper.

Many thanks,


did some lubricant on the rod, reversed the derlin nut and searched for the correct belt tension and it’s much better now.
I will mount my dewalt 611 router later, and see what happens.

All the instru: tell you to do is slide motor back an lock the screws I put as much pressure that I could, My 8mm rod straight up and down, you might want to check to see if the top plate is square to maker rail with a small square…

It will straighten up when you put the delrin nut and mill bracket in place