Z setting from centre

Hello, my old machine has always had a problem of cutting to the right of centre, even after setting upthe travels, so i always start from the centre, can i so this in 3d.
Many thanks

Do you select cut on line, outside of line, or inside of line when you are setting up Easel? Do you reset your zero position after homing? Is everything adjusted, belts, screws and wheels? Did you adjust your grbl settings for steps per mm? These are things that would be necessary to get accurate cuts.

All the STL files I have tried run from the front left corner, would really welcome files that allowed me to run from center, I often run carves where the work is held on the centerline, which makes it great for aligning the piece for the second side, as long as the cut uses the center as tool zero.

Hello Martin, many thanks for your reply, yes the machine is all set up correctly with regular checks, if I set up from the centre then it centres to the project , if I centre from the bottom left it carves more to the right, and top. Always been the same, this is why I wondered if 3D allows me to centre to the work

Thankyou Anthony, my old machine has had this problem from new. On ordinary projects I centre, and everything is alright, I just wondered if it could be done on 3D

Seth, sorry for the delay in replying: many, many thanks for the instructions, now I can safely carve from the middle as with 2d

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