Z settings on machine inspector (ISSUE FIXED)

does anyone know I can get to the z setting on machine inspector? Thanks in advance

Your $102 value is the Z steps/mm…is that what you are looking for?

how do i access it to change it?

In Machine Inspector, Console write $$ and press Enter to display current values.
To change any value, simply in Console write $102=new value and press Enter
Restart controller, done.

is there a list of values that I can use to see what mine should be at? I have the 1000x1000 original x carve. the problem that Im having is that when I hit send on pic sender the machine goes way off to the right and z axis goes all the way up.

Do you have limit switches? Did you home the machine? Did you set your zero?

I found out the problem is with VcarvePro, because I did it using easel and no problems but when I use vcarve pro and picsender thats when the issue arises

Sounds like a G28 command embedded in the code exported from Vcarve, or a predefined start position relative to machine coordinates.
Could you post the gcode or the first 20 lines of code here?

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John Champlain found the error, it was like you said in Vcarve position settings. Thanks for your input.

Interesting I have no weird positioning commands from v-carve, or did you set a x-y origin offset in your setup?