Z Slide Install

Ummmm…how do you get these off?? Am I screwed? Do I need to buy one without the belt holder on the end?

A gear puller to get the pulley off the shaft would be your best bet. If you are careful you can use two blocks and tap the shaft out (let the motor hang freely).

What do you have going on?

Trying to get the gear off to install the new z slide I got from cnc4newbie.

Something like this??

Awesome, thanks for the quick replies. I can always count on you guys!

I ended up using a spindle sander to just sand it down to the shaft and then pull it off. Someone else used a stemless to cut it off. Sanding took about 2 minutes, fairly quick!

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That did it!! Bought a gear puller from harbor freight and tried it try to no avail. Read your post and broke out the spindle sander and eureka it worked! Thanks for the idea!

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No problem, and glad to hear!

The point of the gear puller just kept digging in the end of the shaft instead of moving the gear off. It seemed very stuck on there.

I understand I am late to the party but…

Heating up the pinion with a gas torch will help, the outer aluminium will heat up faster than the steel shaft and expand a little. This will make it easier to pull off.

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You can change direction in Grbl

Vice and a Crobar :joy:

@BrianSaban don’t forget the 4lb sledge


Engineering hammer? :smile:

@DamnitJim redneck engineering multi tool. lol