Z stepper motor current setting

I found the forum related to the current sent to the stepper motor and it said stock setting should be around 2 oclock on the dial… The issue is that when this stepper is moving up and down its considerable louder than the x and y steppers. emailed inventables did some trouble shooting said it was the amount of current going to the motor and they sent me a new controller board, did nothing to correct it. what i tried was reducing the current to the motor moved it from the 2 oclock position to the 12 oclock position and things quieted right down… will this cause any issues withe the stepper motor.

My thought is it might have less power and loose steps with less current.
The Z moves much slower especially during probing. During slow motion it is louder.
My Z has always been louder that x and y for 2+ yrs now and not a problem.

Micro step level will affect how it sound. Full step on a rigid axis will sound rough while 1/8step on same will sound much smoother.

Seek and feed rate when probing is very slow and coarse step will sound “harder”.

Dont know. If the stepper motor casing don’t exceed 176degF its fine.
The only good way to determine actual current limit is to measure the reference voltage and multiply that with a factor (depending on board) giving you a calculated current limit. If limit is set too high for A) the motor, the case temp will spike or for B) the driver may reach overt emperature shut-down. If limit is set too low case temp will be low/ambient and available torque and speed will be less than optimum.