Z traveling too low

Hey guys… my z axis is going too low. I’ve carved 80/90 acrylic signs and never had an issue for the most part. Now it’s every time which almost instantly ruins the acrylic or bits or both. Just an eyeball I’m carving now and watching my 60 degree drop in a 1/16th before moving. Obviously a horrible noise comes of that. Is this a machine inspector thing? I’m new to that but just wondered. Thank you

Its either mechanical or in the gcode, I suspect the former.
Check yout Z-slider/carriage/screw//pulleys/ball bearings for play.

Ok I will check that thank you. If that is tight and good, how would I address the gcode

Ok no I’m stumped. The z axis carriage and everything is right and good. No play. I also threw up my mm ruler then ordered a 60mm drop and then raise. Both times spot on accurate. Not sure now what to look for

Do a test carve, in air if need be, do the bit return to the exact same point? (less safety height)

I’m having the same issue. Any word on the cause?

I set mine at 1/8 and it gradually gets deeper and deeper to the point to where I have to stop it before it sliced through the project itself. I’m a crafter so I do not know the technical terms so you will have to break down any advice you can offer.lLol


Check the pulley set screws.
If that’s not the problem, check that your end mill (bit) is tight in the router.

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Can you tell what I would be checking the pulley screws for? Tightness?

The bit is tight

. The screw here is tight. I don’t seem to have the other one.

Its unlikely that Z drift downwards during a carve through gcode so there is something mechanical happening here.
Some possible causes:

  • Bit slipping in collet
  • Z-stepper may loose steps during retracing, causing an incremental drift
  • Loose pinion/pulley
  • Max feed rate / acceleration values for Z-axis too aggressive, causing steps lost