Zero Clearance Throat Plate

I made a new zero clearance throat plate for my bandsaw last night.


Nicely done, I might have to try this one for my Laguna!

One thing I found was the inset for the table was not uniform depth. I could have been more precise in milling the spacers but instead I used electrical tape to create a spacer. I know on my table saw i have threaded inserts to help with leveling but the bandsaw is cheap and not worth that level of tolerance correction.

Yeah, band saw is mostly just to keep from sucking bits down between the blade at the lower wheel. Doesn’t require perfect fit like a tablesaw, really.

I quick, accurate way to fit and level the throat place (also on the table saw) is to use hot glue. Put the glue on the bottom of the plate where the leveling points are. Put the plate in place. It will stick up a little. Now take a block of wood and run it over the plate and push down to flush it. Let it cool and you have a perfectly adjusted plate.


That’s a great idea - hadn’t thought about hot glue. Guess it takes a trip into the wife’s domain for the hot glue gun.

Well that’s a darn cool idea. Heck, and a light wipe of clear shoe polish or something on the table under it will keep the glue from sticking at all and let it pop out nice and clean. I like it!

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This same technique with Hot Glue will also work the same way as Spacer feet for things such as a cutting board. The hot glue will space the board just slightly off the countertop and the glue will keep it from sliding across the table top. For this type of “foot” I try to use enough glue so that the foot is the size of a dime when pressed down.

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