Zoom level

What would be involved in upping the zoom level? I was working on some tiny parts with a 1/32 bit and had a heck of a time selecting the tabs to move them.

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Do you mean like this?

There are zoom buttons at the bottom of the editor.

I was doing some really small parts with .0625 tabs with .03 height and zoomed all the way in. It was difficult to grab the tab and not the part. Just curious if the software would allow something like an infinite zoom.

Oh I see. Yeah there is some kind of MaxZoom parameter that governs that. Let me see if there is any reason we couldn’t increase that.

Wierd things going on with easel today. Tab options are gone and fill option is outside of the menu box. Something being worked on?

edit* figured out the tabs. Material thickness change. Menu items still moved around.

Can you provide a screenshot of the problem?

just popped up last night. Using Chrome. Everything is working fine and it’s cutting parts right now.

Hi @JDM, is your browser’s text zoom level set to something other than “Actual Size”? If so, does it still look like that if you reset the zoom (usually under the View menu, depending on what browser you’re using)?

@JDM: We just bumped the maximum zoom level up 2x. Does that make it easier to grab the tabs?

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Yes! now that’s customer service!

fortunately it is out of the way enough to use the tab setting. It’s something with my computer. I opened easel on another machine and it is not doing it.

the new zoom is fantastic

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@JDM, did you see my earlier reply? It seems like there’s a problem in Easel when zooming the browser out, so I’m curious if that’s what’s happening for you.

that was indeed the issue. I must have scrolled off the drawing area.

Did you cut that woodgrain? Very nice!

Tony, I ground an old dremel bit to a point and let it scribe .005 passes without the spindle running.

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Thank you! That’s something I’d been meaning to ask about for a while, and just kept forgetting. It’s a major improvement, and greatly appreciated. :slight_smile: