1/2" Shank based Routers on X-Carve

Makita 12mv? or Hitachi?



Hello Earwinger,
I am at the point that in need to update my router. the Dewalt is not doing it for me anymore. I really would like to start using 1/2 shanks.
In regards to the Makita, is it a direct fit? or do i need new mounting brackets?
If i am going to need new mounting brackets, do you have the STL files for those that you can provide?

Reading through this post, it is a bit confusing. The Hitachi did 1/2" shanks. The Makita did not. Both required that I create custom mounts. The Makita mounts are posted elsewhere - someone was making and selling them, but also posted the STL file.

Here it is: Any interest in a Makita RT0701 spindle mount for X-Carve - #19 by JohnScherer

Sorry about the confusion and thanks for responding so quickly. I will try to locate those mounts for the Makita and hopefully i will find them for the Hitachi as well. I really would like to move to a 1/2 shank