$102 going back to default

I have been searching the forum for an answer to this, I can’t get $102=377,952 to keep this new setting I input, it keeps going back to default, (it is set at this because I have a linear Z - rail) and was working fine, and some others as well $24 and $25 and $20 $21 and $22, I did click on refresh, (the 2 arrows in a circle), and restarted the X-controller, but nothing works, has anyone else had this problem

There is no reason for the controller to reset its GRBL-settings, unless told to do so.

If you edit the $102 value in Easel Machine Inspector, and after that type $$ do the correct value appear?
If yes - if you turn power off/on on the controller do the same value appear again when you $$?

Yes, In Easel Machine Inspector the correct value appears after $$ check and after a reboot of the X-controller, I am learning to use Picsender so after a while on there I go back to Easel and check the $102 again, and it has gone back to default, I am not touching any GRBL settings in Picsender

If I remember correctly you use PicsSender.

Read through this article and it should make things a little clearer. The screen snapshots are from version 2.5.7, but the information is the same for version 2.8.0.

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Thank’s Larry
I have read through that and the GRBL settings seem to have stayed fixed in Picsender now, I think my Easel is not working properly, I can’t use the probe in there either (all the set up pages do not load) and it works fine in Picsender, so I don’t really need Easel anymore

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