1800 x 1800mm Bed


I have recently ordered the parts to make a 1800 x 1000mm but I needed to order some extra parts to start assembly and I have looked at my parts and realized it wouldn’t be out of the question to build an 1800 x 1800 mm bed if I ordered just a few extra parts. I have support beams for the stationary axis already, but I am wondering about the integrety of the moving axis that mounts the z portion, if there are things I should take into effect to make that axis more rigid or if there are issues with going that long in that direction.

I’ve seen a few projects that have the 1800 mm axis that moves and claim to have zero issues, I was just wondering if it would be feasible, if not I’ll build the one I planned on building in the first place.

To reference the thread with the longer moving axis:

1800 X axis might be pushing it, youll have to figure out a way to strengthen the rails so they dont sag. a metal plate bolted between the rails MIGHT be all that you need. dont know for sure.

shouldnt be a problem going as big as you want in the Y direction. just add some supports to keep the sagging away

Just to be clear the x is the stationary axis correct?

x is the axis the z carriage rides on Y axis are the 2 stationary parallel rails

So sad to say aluminum over 1000mm is to soft of a metal. I tried and it twists a lot when router is cutting in center if gantry.
So this means that the x axis gantry needs steel. But steel is heavy so then the steppers and motor drivers need to be bigger. This = more money. Just the nature of the beast. I have tried to go as low cost as possible. But have hit the limit. A flexy gantry and underpowered motors equal lost steps and a shitty product. But with a laser or plasma cutter there is no load on z axis😜 Time for a mode!!!