1st Time power up E-Stop issue I think !, help

I purchased a x-controller November last year and finally got a chance to finish my machine and wire it up. I went through the steps of connecting and basically stopped at stage of testing the direction of each motor.

I took the x-controller apart and tested the e stop based on some of the forum posts but couldn’t find a thread on my issue.

when I check the continuity of the e-stop switch it beeps when off and on all the time and as soon as I disconnect a plug from one of the boards (tested both individually) and the e stop switch stops beeping when the button is pushed. I am no expert but seems to indicate that there is a issue on one of the boards. Can you please let me know what I can do or if this is one of the faulty units that apparently left around Nov 2017.

I had the same issue. The orange spade connector was over crimped, and actually cut through the wire. Test continuity from both spade ends. If open, just replace the spade.

admittedly I was testing at the screws in the switch

I could be wrong but if over crimped and cut through the wire it should still beep ???

I will go and check continuity through each line…

Problem solved…

Since I ma hooking up a x-controller to a ox cnc the wires on the motors were different and I had the wrong combination, fixed that now and got my ox-carve working today - am stoked