$366 on ebay

Ordered Thursday. Delivered Saturday. Took me a day to get going. Same learning curve as the XCarve. These 40w lasers are hard to beat.


photos of your setup?

Is this is an add on kit for the XC? Or is it a stand alone laser?

probably the K40

The laser tubes in these machines are not the most reliable or long lasting, but they do work.


3 days in and learning alot. It’s a great tool.

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How much smoke does it create? Do you vent it outside?

Depends what you cut. Fumes are the nasty part. Its hooked up to the dust collector and then diverted outside

Come join other Shapeoko/X-Carve CO2 laser users here; http://www.shapeoko.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=7156

And a great K40 user group here;

Been having a blast with mine! Just did some slate tiles for a friend who lost her 2 year old son to be placed in his memorial garden. He would say “hi five!” and his nickname was panda bear.

Slate too? Thats awesome.

wow i was considering buying one of the small 2500mw kits from bang good for roughly the same price as this.

how expensive are the laser tubes to replace?

I’ve seen 40watt CO2 tubes for around $160 USD on ebay. Don’t know which ones fit this unit.

Remember the adage that you get what you pay for. These units have more than their share of issues. If you are comfortable tinkering and putting a few extra dollars into it so that it is usable, then get one. I recommend visiting the forums before making the plunge. Also not all the vendors are created equal. Even though the vendor I purchased it from claims a “2 year warranty”, I have yet to have them honor it. Other people have had their issues resolved quickly and to their satisfaction.
Buyer beware!

That’s true. Sorry for the misleading post. Please, nobody buy one. More business for me that I could never do on the xcarve… !

But can it do tiny lettering?

[quote=“AllenMassey, post:15, topic:22370, full:true”]
But can it do tiny lettering?[/quote]

1 x 8 mm 4 point type

Small enough?

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Cool! Why can’t you do that on Xcarve with a laser module? because resolution?

Just saying some people would rather spend money on a GlowForge or a Full Spectrum and not have the fun we have with ours. :grinning:

You can, just not as fast. Also you are limited on material and depth.

Small enough? :wink: