3d (depth map) grayscale images



I make these with my 3d app.
All I have to do is put the models in the order and depth and click a button and I have a grey-scale image for Vcarve.

vcarve the software or the tollpath?

said the man waited to be disappointed

I just import them into V-carve

I will make a tutorial on how I did it.
I am not at home now but will be soon.

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What I did is take the grey scale image and use it as a alpha channel in Zbrush then exported the STL to Vcarve.
I missed that zbrush step.
I am tired. not enough sleep cause I was testing something out last night. :stuck_out_tongue:
There is a freebie tool you can do this with that I posted.
It will take the grey scale image and turn it into a 3d object which you can then export to STL.

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In aspire inside the modeling screen u just click the little bird icon and import those grey scale images that’s how I did that dragon , I found it here it was posted in the forum , there called bump maps here’s a bunch but there Chinese


in aspire which may be the same for v carve u click this button

then choose your file

then it looks like regular 3d clipart

dont forget to add a zero plane or it looks funny when you run tool path

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if you google bump maps you can find alot of stuff free

I made this paperweight couple days ago when I made that dragon thing…

I Used this bump map

Bump Map Vs Depth Map


I don’t use the gray scale depth map directly. I first convert it to an STL using https://sourceforge.net/projects/heightmap2stl/.

Usage: filename model_height base_height
java -jar heightmap2stl.jar celtic-design-grayscale.png 1 0

In Model Size
uncheck Unlock Lock XYZ
Change X and Y to your material, and Z to the max thickness you’ll be carving.
Zero Plane I set to some small fraction less than my thickness to trim the polys from the bottom plane.

I’m sure you know how to work the 3d roughing and detail toolpaths.

Let me know if you have more questions.

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Sorry I guess I meant depth map , it’s only my second week!!

This is the design that originally set me down the path.

download the heightmap file

After processing with heightmap2stl I imported to vcarve.

Hillariously, the preview is pink. Almost as if it knows I have some Pink Rigid Insulation in the garage waiting for it.

So I guess v carve doesnt have that button?

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I think Blender supposed to have some tools that will allow you to do that.
Its free.
I have not used it.

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You can use below link to convert your grey scale image into STL file and then import them into Meshcam for carving.


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This is the link related to Blender and below is my image on MDF:-


roughing pass