3d printed dust shoe/hose bracket

So, I’ve been working on this for a little bit, trying to get the design the way I want it. The dust shoe is a design available on thingiverse, The bracket and bend are what I’m trying to get the way I want them. So far it looks alright, but I’ll need to do some more testing, and I think I’ll shrink the bend down further.


sigh, my powertec hose showed up and it’s OD is way bigger than my bracket, lol. Guess I’m designing it for a third time, smh.

Looks fantastic. It’s a remarkable job, especially color choice.
Now you need hose carrying arms.

This link might give you more inspiration.

Looks nice.

My only word of caution is the hose at the back of the machine, if you go too far forward the hose may catch on the Y axis makerslide or at least that is what appears might happen based on the picture. If it catches enough, it may cause a carving issue.

I just have the hose laying back there since it isn’t attached to my overhead mount…

Here we go again. Redesign number four. Hopefully I’ll finally be done. I also remade the bend to be tighter for less strain on the bracket. If anyone wants the old bracket, which is built for a standard plastic vacuum hose, just pay the shipping and I’ll send it to you.


Worked great. I can finally move on.


It looks great. Do you plan to sell it ?

It’s just a one-off for me. If there’s interest in the brackets I can certainly print them off for people for enough to cover my costs.

I do if it is affordable :-). it is way better than the one sold in the market

what is the OD of the hose you plan on using? I have one already printed for a standard 2.25" OD fitting, that’s the black hose in the original picture. Since I won’t be using it you can have it, just cover the shipping.

My hose comes from the current home depot Vac : 1.5 " ID.

oh okay. Well, I do not have a 1.5" OD bracket made yet. If I get some free time I can design one, and I will let you know.


Would you share the stl file so I can 3D print it? Pleeeeaaasse :slight_smile:

Here is the Vacuum mount STL files:

Here is the original dust boot I used:

I am designing a different dust shoe (just in case we needed a 56th different one) that threads onto the router base and attaches using neodymium magnets, for simplicity. Should have that done by the end of the month. I’ll release it on thingiverse.

@Pyrex, wondering if you are able to make one again. Just got my CNC going and have been looking for something like this. Please let me know the cost. Thanks