3d Printed RT0700C mount


wanted to share my new mount for the makita RT0700 series router. Ive added to picatinny mounts also 3d printed as part of the setup so that i can mount other accessories also in the future. The mount uses the stock spindle mount plate . All the files are available on Thingiverse website.


I have a 3d printer too.

Your printed mount looks awesome, good work! I got a 65mm spindle mount for my makita on ebay from 3D_Motion and it’s a beast. It’s 1" thick aluminum and only 3.5" wide so it works with Phil’s dust shoe. I was looking for a good Makita mount forever that wasn’t 4" wide…

That was my concern before I purchased a 3d printer. Yes, if you print with a high percentage infill, or even solid plastic, it will be extremely strong… far stronger than any MDF equivalent. I was shocked how durable prints can be, not to mention the different plastics available.

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seems to be working fine no problems till now. The RT0700 is amazing compared to the stock spindle :slight_smile:

I would have preferred aluminium too but im from india and its not economically available here. So had to macgyver this. I have to accessory mounts put in so i can snap on stuff like a dust shoe or a tramming jig or maybe a laser module.

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Aluminum isn’t economically viable here, either, hehehehe.