3GT2 belting keeps breaking

Have you considered just replacing the belts with screws :grin:

The weak link in screws are the nut blocks and they cost $10 plus are adjustable till complete failure.

Nope… my machine crashed itself once and nothing happened. OK FINE! Twice but it wasn’t my fault, the machine was being naughty! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
ANYWHO when it “crashed itself” it reached the front y plates and bottomed out, the motors didnt have enough torque to damage anything. However with stock motors it only buzzed loudly and the nut blocks were ok.
With high torque motors you may strip a nutblock but i doubt it. They are super tough and durable.
I did crash a bit but it broke and nothing else happened. Not even lost steps. Rehomed and continued cut with new bit.

No damage.
And still no steps lost

My point is the weak point move to an easy to swap part that requires no tuning, and is very cheap and quick to replace.
Under 10 minutes if all goes well or 30min at worst.
The accuracy alone pays for itself.

What did you think about the Kevlar belts?

Talk dirty. Lemme hear the point.

Introducing a cost for a “disposable” item. Not great.

again. only a little. Ill tell you how i know. i left one motor unplugged and nothing really happened. again a loud buzz and not much else.
I do see your point. but the chance of single motor failure is minimal.

X ld

Robert what type of glue are you going to use, silicon?

Why not just put a fuse inline which would detect the higher amperage if anything happens. Fuse blows, motor stops, issue averted.

Can she be my Fairy Godmother as well? Please!

You can. The vendor sends you an invoice through PayPal and you can pay it with a credit card.

I bought my linear Z axis this way.


I have over 10,000 transactions with Paypal, not a problem yet.

Have her bake a chocolate cake first.

I don’t either.

Sometimes I find a vendor that only accepts PayPal for payment. So far, when I contacted the vendor and said I didn’t have a PayPal account, could will still do business.

Many times they say that the PayPal requirement is a web only restriction, and most of them will offer the invoice solution.

Back when I did freelance software development, I had to stop accepting PayPal as payment. They would randomly lock up hundreds to thousands of dollars for “investigation” every few weeks. It was a nightmare.

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These days I use Stripe to accept payments and it’s a lot nicer for both me and the customer. They don’t have to create an account, just enter their card details. And Stripe automatically transfers any balance to my bank account every day. It’s great.

Anyway, just my 2¢. Obviously tons of people use PayPal and it’s totally workable.

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