6 Pack Holder

So for Christmas gifts for my young male cousins I felt that a “beverage” six pack holder would be a good idea. I created a box in easel using 1/4" cherry boards.on each side I put something personal from family flag, college, initials proteam, etc. I then created a handle out of 3/4" oak in autocad imported that into easel for the final product. If I had done this on a 1000^2mm xcarve it would have been a fairly simple project but since each piece had to be cut out one at a time on my 500^2mm xcarve it was a little time consuming. I have also figured out that a planer/jointer needs to be my next addition to the shop. The base box is 10" long by 6" wide by 4" high
Box Stacked on top of each other

All the wood cut out

Pieces painted ready for glue up.

Boxes glued up.

Final glue up ready for poly

Finished Boxes

So alot of people who have seen these have asked me to make them one but I am done its a good amount of work and I don’t have the time/desire to do that. Would be a decent idea for the people who sell stuff on etsy and have an xcarve.


Great holder!
Any SVG’s or Easel files?

@EdShouse those look AWESOME! What was their reaction when they opened them up? Great paint job too.

If you publish the project I think you’ll have a home run on your hands.

Very cool and nice job.

Go Seahawks :smile:

Ive got one SVG file for the handle since I had to design that in autocad. The rest is all easel, used the box making app then added holes for the handle and circles for the bottles. I’ll start working on easel project write up in the next few days.

Reaction went over great one of my aunts(mother of one of cousins that got one cried). The reactions definitely made all the time and cash(cherry wood is way to much $$$) worth it. I’ll work on a project to publish in next few days.

Go Texans! The seahawks was for my little brother who has lost his way and move to Seattle.

Nice! Who does not need a really neat holder for a six pack?

Looks like you have UT and A&M in the family. Sounds Saturday afternoons must be fun!

awesome design!

Here ya go https://www.inventables.com/projects/six-pack-bottle-holder


Easel says that the project is not shared publicly

Hmm not sure what to do. @Zach_Kaplan Any ideas?

Go into Easel and click share in the file menu:

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Thanks didn’t realize you had to do this in two spots. http://easel.inventables.com/projects/ABcawZOGe8hsLUnXb1DaBA
Do I need to reupload the project or will it work automatically now?

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It looks like it’s working now!

It works! Thanks!

Was the project unshared? It says it’s not available for the public.

Somehow it went to not publicly shared in easel, not sure how that happened. Try now.

Ed, those things are really cool! One idea I had when I first saw them was did you ever try to think of a way so you could fill them with ice? Maybe a hinge on one side? I’m not a beer drinker but I’d imagine those bottles sitting in ice would be kind of a “cool” upgrade.

thanks for the great idea!