A few projects using VCarve Pro

I have been enjoying the upgrade in power using the DW611. I also bit the bullet and purchased VCarve Pro and it has been a blast trying some new things. Here are a couple of the projects I have been playing with.

A simple V-Carved 2 Color Sign

3D Rings from the VCarve Free 3D Library

A Full 3D with VCarved Text (the way VCarve Pro can project text on a 3D surface is VERY COOL) The 3D shapes used on this are from the designandmake.com website.

I love doing carving in MDF because it cuts fast, clean and is cheap. I have been working on different ways to get a smooth finish (the little hairy bits are kind of annoying and usually take multiple coats with sanding).

Hope everyone else is having as much fun as I am! Any tips or questions are welcome.



Besides what do you carve, your finishing is remarkable. That’s what I do fail all the time and waste hours of work. Looking great.

Simply Beautiful!!!

I’m just getting started with VCarve Pro. I followed the tutorials and John at Inventables helped me set up Universal G code. I have saved the first tool path and homed the spindle to X-Y on my wood. Now, I can’t seem to start the carve? Any suggestions?

So UGS is connected and able to jog X,Y & Z ?

If so all you need to do is click on the file tab and open your gocde file, check to be sure that all machine and work coordinates are zero. Then turn on the spindle and click “Send”.

Yes, I’m able to jog. I’ve clicked on the file and the only button open is the BROWSE. The file window is NOT lit up and nothing is there? By the by… Thanks for the help:)

Click browse to find the gcode file then click open.

When the file is loaded, the file name will appear next to the word “File” (in the white text box) and the “Send” button will turn black (enabled).

What do I look for? All I have is .jssc, .oracle_jre_usage, links, other stuff . like favorits, downloads, desktop, music, searches

How did you create your gcode file?

I found it in my documents. I hit send and I must have set something wrong??? I just busted a limit switch on the Z. LOL I guess I might have to stick to Easel. At least I got it working great!

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When using UGS it is really important to be sure you have all zeros for work and machine position before you click send. (if they are not zero the spindle will be heading somewhere you do not want when you click send!)

I have found an easy way to do that is to open UGS connect it to the X-Carve
Then use the UGS jog controls to position the bit at the zero position for your job (usually the lower left corner on top of the work)
Then close UGS and open it back up and reconnect it to X-Carve. Now all work and machine values are zero (but check to be sure)
Open your gcode file and send it.

This sounds complicated at first, but it is really quick and easy.

Thanks, I’ll try it as soon as I get this limit switch installed.

Got the switch changed out. So, I opened the UGS and homed the spindle to bottom left (X-Y) and too the top of the work piece. Now do I click on the (reset zero) button before I close??

You can, but it does not matter. Just close UGS and reopen it,

I reopened the UGS and the machine positions are all zero. However, the work positions have NOT. They look like…
X: -189
Y: -92.486
Z: 47.3

Also, how do I unlock the spindle without typing in $H ?

Now you can use the zero x y z buttons

Ok, did that and the work position numbers still do not change?

Close UGS and reopen it

When I open it. At first it’s all zeroes. But then it displays the same numbers. And the (Active State: Alarm) is RED.Also, how do I unlock the spindle without typing in $H ?