A few projects using VCarve Pro

Well, You’re quick or what. You were asking questions less than three hours, now you’re showing great piece of work, also finished with stain over shellac. That pocket is made by .128" Ball head bit, Profile cut out is .128" 2 flute spiral. In 2 hrs and 30 minutes. Impressive.
What’re you think AllenMassey??

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The X-Cave is a very capable machine. Anyone that wants to spend a little (ok, maybe a lot) time can learn to make some awesome projects. Good work Jene, I am glad you stuck with it had had success.


Thanks again. Looking forward to many more enjoyable projects.


Dont feel too bad about the homing switches, I’m considering removing mine and disabling homing altogether in easel setup. I never use them anyway.

heres my work order

  1. secure work piece where ever you want
  2. turn machine on
  3. start ugs go to machine control
  4. press $H to home machine
  5. once homed jog machine to near left bottom corner of material
  6. install touch plate ground on bit and plate on material, run the 3 command macros to zero XYand Z (see charley thomas’s posts here Touch Plate)
  7. load G code and click send
  8. ???
  9. profit

I laughed out loud at the underwear gnome reference. I use that a lot myself. :smiley:


Now if I want to change my program from easel to vcarve what is the steps I shall do?
If I need to go back to easel , what is the setup I can use.
vcarve work with the same driver control as easel which I install on my cnc.

All you need is a program like the universal gcode sender (UGS) to send the gcode from VCarve to the same Grbl controller you already have.

so vcarve is not like easel , in sending a file to the machine,i need another program,

Exactly. Download a copy of UGS 2.0.

I know how to import svg file to easel and set up the machine , what difference now with vcarve , why we need two programs, how can ardunio receive gcode, can I used the same hardware.

Yes you can use all the same hardware no changes are needed.
UGS is sending the gcode that vCarve creates to your Arduino / Grbl controller

what about the port, you know that there is a program already install in the ardunio which match easel program, if I need to work with vcarve , what I should install to match ardunio.

You better keep using Easel. It’s getting better and better. You can do anything just what you want. When time comes, you start learning differences between drawing software, ports, what Arduino does, you’ll learn. Don’t worry about Allen or me now. We paid too much for nothing.

I can not do 3d in easel, I see many 3d design in vcarve,

UGS will connect to the USB port and the Arduino. Just tell UGS what the port number is and have it use 115200 baud.

You then use UGS to open the gocde file you create with Vcarve

Then Zero out the X-Carve (UGS will allow you to jog the spindle in X Y and Z)

Once you are zeroed (for Work and Machine coordinates) just click the send button on UGS and the X-Carve will start carving.

Here is the link to download UGS http://bit.ly/1hftIhy

Alan has a good point, you may want to continue with Easel for a while until you have mastered everything it can do (the list is growing bigger each day).

i need java to install UGS 2.0.

Yes you do

wher i find that to oper jar file