Acessory mount and dragknife

Very simple acessory mount using the screw holes on the side of the spindle mount carriage.

So far ive attached a 360 degree swivel knife from the inventables website to use as a drag knife and a pen. Ive added a couple of skate bearings just to make the swiveling better

Still in prototype stage but works well. So far been cutting cardstock (400 grams per square meter) for making boxes.

The last video and pic is of a pen and the snowflake pattern i drew with it



That looks really cool! Are you modifying your Gcode to add those pick-ups at the ends of the lines it cuts?

i use vetrics aspire to generate the gcode. There is a mode to generate path for dragknives.

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@AshwinSamuelPhilip very nice.

It’s a bit hard to see in your pictures (and on my iPad), how did you mount the knife in the bearings? Mounting the bearings looks simple enough to, but I’m intrigued how you locked the knife into the bearings themselves.

CALL IT COINCIDENCE the bearing just sits there . slides freely on the smooth portion dosent slide on the roughened grip portion. i think most x-acto knife handles are similar

Serendipity perhaps

Are you using easel to send vetric gcode to router?

prefer universal gcode sender

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But does this still run via the controller from xcarve?

I currently run a larger router and a plotter too but am looking for a dedicated drag and crease platform.

A set up like this to score and cut eflute card board

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