Acme Lead Screw Written Instructions?

I’ve been able to follow all of the instructions without difficulty until I got the threaded rod installation and suddenly no text - just pictures and not even step by step photos - they’re more like completed photos… I checked the YouTube channel and the video online has a different acme rod than I got with my kit, so I’m at a stopping point.

Can someone please tell me where to find the correct step by step instructions on how to assemble the Acme Lead Screw assembly?


PS. Inventables - please fix your written instructions and take down YouTube videos based around out-of-date parts!

do you have acme or M8? i believe you can follow the M8 instructions for the ACME aswell because they are essentially the same setup just different tolerance and thread style.

What type of drive rod do you have? Acme rod is fairly simple and it fits into the ball baring in one way only. Can you put the picture of the rod if it has changed?

I had some help with this area from the forum as well:

My Acme lead screw has 3 different thread patterns - a large coarse thread that runs most of the length, then a stepped down area and then a fine thread at the end (right).

The Acme screw in the pictures for the instructions has a reduced thread at each end, nothing like what I have, and without any written instructions, I’m not sure how to proceed. The instructions for the M8 threaded rod use 2 nuts, not one and don’t appear to match the Acme lead screw. The YouTube video for the Acme screw doesn’t show the M6 lock nut, either.

BTW - the instructions tell us to assemble everything in the correct order, but the devices they use in the assembly photos were obviously not assembled in the same order - they show wiring have been done and additional steps that are still “yet to come” in the instructions when assembled in the “correct” order.

The installation of the ACME rod is pretty intuitive, install the delrin nut onto the rod, place the top of the rod through the bearing in the z-plate, place pulley onto and then tighten on the nut.

Yeah I noticed this last night it was very lacking!! The instruction need a bit of work in this area. I put it all together from the pictures and then on the next page of steps I noticed the pulley was upside down all of the sudden. After swapping it out thinking the pictures were wrong due to lack of text I noticed it was correct as it was and had to swap it back again.

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  1. Thread the Delrin Nut onto the ACHME rod
  2. Insert the narrow end of the threaded rod up through the flanged bearing.
  3. Slide the pulley onto the top of the threaded rod (Above the flanged bearing) and tighten the two set screws. Be sure to orient the pulley as shown in the photos (Ridged area on top)
  4. Attach a Nylon Insert Lock Nut M6 on the ACHME threaded rod above the pulley.
  5. Using the Allen wrench inserted into the set screw to hold the pulley still, tighten the Nylon Insert Lock Nut M6.

Note: The next step, “Z-Axis motor” uses photos from the M8 Threaded rod assembly with the Pulley is oriented differently than for the ACME Rod. If there is any confusion try a “Dry Fit” before competing step 3. Holding the stepper motor in place, compare the pulley alignments to insure that they will line up properly.