Adjustable Limit switch stops

No more screws. Print and clip on appropriate axis(2 for x/y and 1 for Z). Feel free to modify.

Thanks for this!

Did you print them in PLA or ABS?

I am trying to print them right now.

Your welcome. Printed them in PLA with support, but I dont see why ABS wouldn’t work.

With support, you mean “infill” ? Or they are empty on the inside?

The X and Y stops need support to fill the adjustment gaps while printing. Remove them when finished. The Z stop does not require any if printed on its side.

I am new also to 3D printers,

What settings would you recommend here then? ( I am using the micro from m3d)


I use Simplify 3d but your software seems very user friendly. You didn’t specify which part you want to print but if you have the ability to manipulate the items, orientate them so that the square part of the switch stop is on the bottom. Based on your screenshot I would recommend a med print quality and also fill density. Only check the boxes marked “support material” and “home bed”. Try one part using these settings and report back. Good luck!


I wanted to print all the parts (X/Y) and Z. I printed Z, but the problem is that, I don’t know how to place it. Moreover, If I place it where I think it goes, I believe it will interfere with the suckit dust shoe that I will receive soon:

Can you share a photo of the placement of the Z one (and also the other ones so I see how you positioned them?).


I will get pics tomorrow. They are very self- explanatory. If you currently have a screw that triggers your switches then replace them with these by clipping them on to the rails. Now you can reset your Home position anywhere up to 2 inches much faster.


Why come the homing can be done faster? And where do you change the speed fort it?

Really, thanks a lot for this great add-on! :).

By the way, the STLs are in mm right?