Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. plaque for car

Hello all,

I have been a fan of Inventables ever since i found it after i had already built my CNC (DOH!). Since then I have modified my CNC after the x-carve and have been loving it! I only just noticed the forums portion :frowning: though lol … But thank you Inventables for such an awesome open site.

I created this plaque for my Scion FR-S because im a fan of SHIELD and though it would look cool. Its made of 1/4" HDPE and after cutting out the logo i used EasyCast Clear epoxy that i colored black with an oil based paint. After the 4 days it took for the epoxy to cure i used my CNC to take off the excess epoxy and then polished it with 2000 grit.

let me know your thoughts and if anyone can recommend an epoxy that doesn’t take 4 days to cure


Nice. Super clean!

Wow 4 days, what’s the temp there? Humidity? Maybe you didn’t add the right amount of catalyst.
Anyway this is what i find to be the best

Nice, more car stuff! :wink:

I played with retail, UV-cure epoxy (Clear Cure Goo), but it always failed. That may be a good application for it, though.

According the the documentation on box, 3-4 days is the expected time and on this one its a 50/50 mix so i know i got the ratio right. I let it cure in my house so it was a normal temp and humidity.

The end result is nice, just time consuming … one of the biggest take away i got was the use of oil base paint works great for coloring the epoxy.

and Thanks Tony and Brian for the suggestions, ill take a look at those