Altering an X-carve - questions

Looking at purchasing a used 750mm X-carve and have several questions.

Having used a similar machine, am familiar with Easel design and operation. However my needs require a larger machine. Here are my questions:

  1. Can I purchase longer railings for the Y axis? I am thinking 5 to 6 feet. Assuming the railing would need a support in the center area to prevent sagging. Where to purchase this item and has anyone modified an x-carve in this way?

  2. Also, would like to add 2 inches to the Z axis. Looks like a simple modification duplicating the existing support brackets with added height. Almost all my materials are 1.5 inches and thicker.

  3. In regards to making a new waste board to accommodate the extended T axis, any suggestions on making this item?

Thank you.

I have what was an upgraded shapeoko2 to x carve that is 750 x 1000.

Inventables used to sell longer makerslide, but they haven’t for years. Openbuilds sells extrusion and bolt on vee rail called openrail and that might do the trick.

OpenRail® Linear Rail - OpenBuilds Part Store

Some here have tried butting up two pieces of makerslide, but haven’t reported back. Most people would reset the material and do a two step operation.

There are aftermarket risers, stiffeners, z axes, and 9mm belts and pulleys. They used to be sold by and FAQ — tbd cnc, LLC TBD is now part of the Inventables family I believe. I bought all the upgrades and they are worth it.

X-Carve Upgrades | Inventables

For a wasteboard, I used plywood with 1/4-20 threaded inserts but they were too far apart and made clamping a pain. I ended up installing extra extrusion and using Tslot from Woodcraft. I posted it here a couple of weeks ago. I put basswood in between the t slot as it is a stable wood.

Here is a link

T slot bed for the X- carve - Inventables Community Forum