Aluminum milling! Help ME!

I keep doing the math for chip load on a 1/4 inch 4 flute endmill.

My math seems off. Please correct me.

16000 (RPM) x 4 (Flutes) x .002 (Chip Load) = 128 (IPM)???

RPM = SFM x 3.82 / Tool Diameter
IPM = RPM x # of Flutes x Chip Load
Chip Load = IPM / RPM x # of Flutes
SFM = .262 x Tool Diameter x RPM

Can i safely assume that i can double the ipm for double the flutes?

your math is correct but I don’t think that the 4 flute end mill is the best option for you especially if you are doing pocket cuts if you are only doing the edges of the aluminum I would say go with a 4 flute but I think you will have better results in aluminum with a single flute tool

no actually you want to cut the feedrate in half not double it

.002 chip
16000 rips
2 flutes

64 ipm

.002 chip
16000 rips
4 flutes

128 ipm

here is the calculator that I use and it works great
Chipload_calculator.xls (15.5 KB)

im not too worried about edge finish.

also whats the proper chipload?

check out that chip load calculator

but all tools have different chiploads that they are designed to run at

who is the manufacture and the part number of the tool your are wanting to use?

Here is a generic chipload chart that they have on there website

these tools just aren’t designed for cnc routers though they are designed for metal milling machines

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ummm the exel sheet has some error in it

my bad sorry lol I read it wrong and jumped the old trigger on that one!! (the math is correct though lol)

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watcha mean?

OMG now im totally triggered!!! :scream:

look at my inputs and see the outputs it gave me

Yeah I dont see the problem lol the calculator does not go down the tenths decimal place so you wont see the change from 100 to 128

try this calculator you get the same results

how much is well below? i do have the stiffening mods

I would defiantly start here like phil said you just can’t obtain the proper chiploads with a x-carve the machine is just not built for it I would start here and then work your way up from there

and whats the correct DOC when using these numbers?
cant wait 412hrs and 16 min to run a carve!!!