Aluminum waste board?

I am living in Atlanta with my x-carve located in the garage. It appears the high summer humidity causes the MDF waste board to slightly warp. Anyone have any advice or any experience in using / obtaining an aluminum board?

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This was a standard upgrade for the Shapeoko 2 — two 500mm lengths of Misumi HFSQN4-15250-500 extrusion fit perfectly:

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Do people put something sacrificial on top of that?


Perfect! Thanks

Why would the mdf warp? I thought one of the perks of mdf is that it won’t warp.

All wood will warp with humidity and Atlanta is very humid so the MDF warps with the uptake of the water in the air. If you leave MDF outside, even out of the rain. It will warp and degrade rather fast. In the south, it is a very poor choice for a main waste board due to this factor alone. The mentioned extrusions are one of the best ways to go and I have them on all three of my mills and they work great. And yes we use a sacrificial waste board on top of them.

Looks like they offer 1000mm pieces as well. The four of them to cover the larger X-carve look to be about $240. I might have to look into that! Just replace the entire supporting set of 20mm extrusions with a single, large chunk of extrusion locked side-by-side…

Dan…did you ever pursue this option? Look to get a X-Carve this fall (when I clear enough of my other “stuff” out of the way)! I checked the Miusa site, but no prices - did I miss something there?
Thanks, Charlie

Hey thats my Aluminium “beast” board.


No, I ended up building a table-and-integrated-wasteboard setup instead. Worked out quite nicely!

Hey Phil,what is that for a Aluminium strip on the x-axis? Is it for dust protection or for ridigity?

No i mean the stripe on the x-axis…

Is it also for the strength?

Very nice, are the bars only on top and bottom or they are also between the 2 slides?

Okay and that is enough to stabilize the x axis? If it is, I want to Do it :slight_smile:

Thanks Phil, I See Allot of your projects and I like them and think your Mashine must be Upgraded allot, Can you tell me please the “must have” upgrades for my X-carve? The x-axis mod is one of it i think.

Wow, is that a solid piece of .5 inch aluminum? Are the holes threaded? Amazing.

Hey Allen, no its a. 8 inch board :wink: The same measuring as the Inventables waste board.

Yes the holes are cnc threaded and for durability reinforced with m6 tread inserts from böllholff (helicoil plus)

Ok, then you are the official winner of the best waste board ever contest! Although calling it a waste board may just make it mad. Congratulations, that is an impressive piece of work.

What does that bad boy weigh?


Thank you Allen. Where is my crown? :joy: :wink:

I call it: “The beast board”

Its about 110 lbs, you Can only adjust it with 2 people.

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