Andy’s Projects

Just a thread topic to keep a historical record of my progress.

First project is a couple of different ornament styles. 3/8” ash. Definitely think I should have used 1/4”. There was supposed to be a third but I screwed it up.


I have found using a tapered ball nose bit provides a cool effect on the ornament and very good detail.

I haven’t bought one of those yet. I’ll have to give it a try. Thanks :slight_smile:

I did a similar Christmas ornament… I put a piece of walnut on the back. It adds a nice 3d look.

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Good idea. I like it!

My first attempt at a vcarve.


I managed to semi-salvage a messy cut and make it a learning experience. I’d certainly never sell it but it’s ok for around the house and I learned a few things not to do.


Here’s a test of a vcarved sign in MDF. I painted it black, used oramask then cut. I need to slow the cut down on the larger fonts, as it pulled the mask up a bit and the fonts got a little wiggly. Worked like a charm on the smaller fonts though.

I painted white over the mask, let it dry, pulled it up and cleaned the little bits with an Xacto.

Definitely learned a few things on this.


And for today, the Marvel disk on a $6, 15” circle of pine from Lowe’s. Whiteside 1541 at .2” max depth. Took about 3.5 hours.


Looks great! What’s the finishing plan?

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Thanks! I haven’t decided yet. Maybe paint and sand. A friend suggested red or blue stain. After looking at the finished product, I wish I would have painted it first and let the wood show through. I actually like the grain in it. Suggestion?


Was that painted and sanded?

Yeah. I put a couple light coats of clear on first, then the red paint. I didn’t let the red dry quite long enough and it kept gumming up the sand paper, which then packed into the tiny crevices. Spent about 30 minutes with an Xacto cleaning it up. I’ll try another way next time.


Marsh ink dry quickly and does bled in the wood like paint.

Thanks for sharing Andy, these look great, I did a Mayan Calendar similar to the marvel disk you’ve done, and struggled with the paint gumming too, but yours looks great!

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Here’s a tool organizer. I need to re-run the clamp area, just a tiny bit too small. Glad I set up a bump stop and G28! Thanks @PhilJohnson!

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Fixed and loaded.


Gotta love that bump stop and g28!

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