Angus's linuX-Carve

Does grbl even support 4 axes?

Too warm your paradises…


This is Brrr!

-35C and a guy throwing warm water in the air

they have those tools for 25$ thats money that you can save if you have your own tools

Geoff, How are you planning to use a cncshield/arduino with the G540?

I thought the cncshield has the drivers for the motors like the G540 does. I picked up one a while back for possible use with my X-Carve. Along with an Uno plus the drivers. I got mine from either or

Oh speaking about Gecko G540s, here is an interesting link for an interface board to make it easier to wire one.

@MartinLightheart My plan is to use a cncshield. I just need the bare board with the necessary headers connected for step/direction/limit switches etc but no stepper drivers installed.
I’ll use a parallel printer cable, remove one end and fit header pin connectors to the exposed wires. These will be connected to the correct headers on the cncshield.
I will have to rewire one of the Y axis steppers so it goes in the opposite direction to the other. At the moment, that is done in Linuxcnc but there’s not provision for that in grbl.
I even managed to find an old A/B printer switch so I can switch between the Arduino running grbl and the PC running Linuxcnc.
Just waiting on the arrival of a couple of eBay Arduino Uno before I can try this out.

@GeoffSteer that sounds interesting. When you get it all done, please share it. :slight_smile:

I noticed same thing with my X plate on left side when reassembling, strip of paint just came off right on the edge with tinny rust under it. I’m seriously considering just machining my own plates at some time :frowning:

wow even your bolt ends are rusted! I live in a pretty humid area but no means seeing this level of corrosion or peeling. Sorry for your luck in this. Just remake into shiny aluminum plates :slight_smile:

I live right by the sea (50 metres or so to the water) but thankfully it’s normally low humidity. I’m more likely to get water damage from condensation when it gets cold.
Hope this doesn’t hold you up too much, I’m looking forward to the rest of your build, after all it’s another Linuxcnc X–Carve!
Sucks to live in the tropics :wink:

Last time I ordered somethng from the US it was via USPS (the only affordable option) and was claimed to reach me in ‘10 working days’. Someone must have been working a short week as it took closer to 3 weeks until I had it.
At least I don’t have your problem with Customs. While I’m sure just about everything is checked by Customs and Quarantine, as there’s no duty or GST on items under $1000, it just gets forwarded on.

I’m thinking about milling my own endplates next week - definitely need the extra height for materials. So how tall did you go?

could one of us ship it to you? Gotta imagine the customs paperwork over it would be a nightmare considering your recent trips to collect packages.

It’s hard to feel bad for you Angus considering that I am expecting my shop this Saturday to be 7F lol
But it puts in perspective how spoiled I am.
McMaster ground shipping takes 1 day for me, Inventables 2-3 days, 8020inc 2 days, newegg 1 day and amazon prime most of the time is calculated in hours not days.

@Deepnoizer I hate you …

To Oz, three weeks minimum delivery from the US. Add $20 minimum shipping via USPS. Don’t even ask about DHL/Fedex rates.
At lease I don’t have Angus’ hassles with Customs.

So the only possible solution is for us to come on down there. Based on your photos before of where you are, I am pretty sure those of who live in the snow belt right now wouldn’t complain of hauling some stock in our luggage…


Sounds like and X-Carve meet up at @AngusMcleod’s place is cooking up.

Sounds like you need to make some more cake for the girls in customs. :smile:

If it gets you out of paying duties. Let the grape vine rumble. :smile:

Are those for mounting the stock drag chain bracket? I’ll take a look at mine when I get home tonight and let you know if no one answered before then!