Anybody know what type of wood this is?

I have a customer asking for me to make something from wood with grain like in this picture, anybody recognize what type of wood this is?

Tricky one for sure… but now you got me curious…

Any of these line up?

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That is beautiful

Left is white oak middle is Rose wood and right is walnut here is some zebra wood may work for you to

but if I had to guess it looks like highly figured Rose wood to me I may be wrong though


I showed him my cocobolo, zebra wood, wenge, marble wood and he keeps saying no, he wants the swirly contrast grain in the picture. I have no idea what it is. I am thinking it maybe the way wood was stained that is giving it that appearance in the picture.

After looking again it looks like a engineered wood like they use to make those really high end colored wood jewels or it could be a cross cut


I tried right-clicking on the picture and did a google image search… not much comes up, but yes, looks like a veneer…

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If that is a real wood it’s cut from a burl or crotch wood.

It’s nothing I have ever seen before.


looks alot like abby stranga bark

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Closest I could find was a Kingwood…

Thanks for looking Ron, I think what he sent me was from a burl, nothing else would would like that

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Actually, I think its a topographic map… :slight_smile:


That is not “real wood” it is some kind of dyed plywood. The grain direction isn’t consistently in the same direction. I don’t know who makes it but if you search colored or dyed plywood you’ll find similar products. You can also make some thing similar by glueing sheets of veneer. Hope that helps you in your quest.


Found the source of the image. Nice looking bench. Now just figure out how they made it. Or buy the bench and carve it up. Just kidding don’t do that.

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The dimensions are listed at 18" wide. I’d really like to know what that is, or the method to achieve it.

I’m going to guess vacuum pressing layers of alternating dyed veneers on an uneven surface then planing/drum sanding to a parallel even thickness.

Wow, you are a level 10 search ninja. Thanks for finding that!

What in the world is colorful staining?

The edges of the table do not match the surface grain patterns. The sides look almost like a book page veneer. So obviously it is not a solid piece of wood.

I have been in the wood business for over 50 years in many countries and have worked with all kinds of timber. My offering is, that if you can find the tree that it came from CLIMB IT, because it surely leads to heaven.
However, I agree with Angus it is a man made (engineered) product.

I also cast a vote for it being some sort of laminated wood product along the lines of plywood.
yet plywood has its layers with the grain at right angles with each successive layer or ply.

This product looks like the layers may have been dyed then put together with the plies all ligned in the same direction.
This kind of reminds me of a “laminated” gun stock
Man made but stable as all get out.


it is 100% some kind of plywood.
Looks exactly like these:

<img src="//" width=“366"”>

shot from above. so yeah it looks to be vacuum laminated on a uneven jig.