Anyone make small speaker cabinets

I was thinking about buying a X carve to make special custom speaker cabinets
for my guitar amps, maybe make them with locking corners so no screws are needed.
Cut grooves in from grill with guitar symbol in it or any other image that would be cool.
Sexy girls like Slash put on his amps.

Talk to this guy, he posted this on the forum a while back.

Interesting idea.
I’ve thought about doing some guitar amps, coming up with a basic design and giving people the option for an engraving on the top, or having a wood front baffle with an image or more engraving. Same thing could be done for those as well.

I’m still planning on it. ran into some snags with my workshop but the new one will be delivered this week. just have to insinuate it, electrical wire it and add HVAC >_> but hopefully i’ll be back on track soon.