Anyone running UGS on Raspberry B+ 3?

I have recently acquired a Raspberry B+ 3. Is there anyone running the Universal G-code sender Classic with their Raspberry? I was able to run it using Xenial Puppy Linux distribution but, have been unable to get it running on Raspbian.

There is a ton of Java stuff already loaded on the Raspberry but, I cannot seen to find any runtime environment for USG.

I have searched through all the threads and see folks using other web based senders but, would like to get USG working if possible.

OK, so, I got UGS Classic working on a Raspberry PI B+ 3. If anyone is interested let me know.

it should work out of the box. I never have got the visualizer to work but everything else works as advertised.

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What UGS version are you running? I got errors with 1.0.9 but, 2.0.0 would start. I was actually able to do a carve today but, on the second carve it just stopped have way through and just sat there.

I rebooted everything then, rezeroed and started again. The carve stopped a second time in a different spot. Not sure what is up with that.

I guess I will have to go back to the Xenial PUP linux computer, at least it worked on that machine. Are you running the UGS on a full install of Rasbian?

This is the error I get when I try to run 1.0.9

Okay, you say you are using UGS which is a stand alone G-code sender program but you are showing a screen shot of Easel which is a different web based program that is a CAD CAM and Sender all in one.

to run the web based program Easel you will need to install a driver called Easel Local. this will install the files needed to connect the program Easel to the X-Carve. they have made drivers that you can install for windows, Linux (X86) and MAC. If you want to install Easel Local on a different architecture like ARM or ARM64 (raspberry pi) you will need to compile (make) you own. how to do this is outlined in the post by @SamyKamkar in post Easel Local for Linux?

If you want to use UGS to send your G-Code to the X-Carve then you need to use a CAD CAM program to generate your G-Code and save that file and then run the UGS program to send it to the machine. UGS is a Java based program and you can use it without the internet. As far as which one I use, I have been using version 1.0.9, the only issue with the Pi is that I can not get the visualizer tab to show tool paths but I do not care as I see them in the program I use for generating the G-Code file.

So do you want to use Easel to control the machine are do you want to use UGS. We really need to set on one and work from there.

Sorry Kenneth, I posted the wrong photo. That is the error from trying to install Linux drivers from easel on the PI3. I was able to get 2.0.0 UGS to load up on the PI3 but, it would stop during carves. May be a resource issue or may be something else. I have abandoned the PI3 for now.

Internet is very unreliable here and I have had problems running a carve with Easel. So, I generate the g-code and send it to UGS. I have placed another desktop computer with win10 on the X-carve and running the carves with UGS. Been running all morning with no issues.

The PI3 is very cool though. I will play with at a later time. Need to catch up on carves that people want first.

Thanks for the help!

This was my first carve attempt with easel once I had everything setup. Drove right through the project board and into the spoilboard. Smoked up my garage and freaked the wife out!!! I called tech support and was told to disconnect the homing switches so, I did. Tried another carving and it happened again. So, I have abandoned the easel for carving and now use the UGS.