Anyone trying to cut imitation leather (pleather) with laser? Or drag knife?

Anyone trying to cut pleather with laser? Or drag knife?

Did you have good results ?


imitation leather if you prefer :slight_smile:

See Leather marking

If by imitation leather you mean PVC then yes it works fine but the fumes are toxic so you need excellent air handling.

Ok thank you :slight_smile: did you have some examples ? (not in leather marking but in PVC cutting)

Read this.

Ok for you drag knife is the better solution !
But I never see a reel example to be sure :wink: and I really need to now if the x-carve can do that…

I have cut & score real leather, but I would think that the process would be similar or a mix between real leather and a plastic sheet good. As others have said ventilation is key as it smells horrible and if its synthetic its actually quite harmful. Make sure to test it out plenty. I had a vacuum bed as part of the laser cutter so holding it down flat was easy so take some time to get it flat. Its not hard at all it just took a little practice to get it right.