Anyone using the Makita RT0701C router?

@MakerMark Thanks for the reply! By what I see here, the 611 spindle mount is extruded like the mount used on the DC spindle. I really like the look of that mount and it seems sturdier than, for example, Targ’s woodshop’s plastic clamps. so I may just shim it to fit. That would take a 0.0825" shim. I have actually shimmed a router to fit a larger clamp before, by boring out a PVC pipe with my metal lathe to get the proper shim thickness, so I know it works.

Thanks again!

i love my Makita, and yes, i wish inventables would make a mount for it. I just opened up all the X-carve boxes and i am a little disappointed in the stock quite cut spindle. It just looks a little small. I am going to test it out, but will probably convert my X-carve to the Makita.

@Targs_Workshop Thanks. I just watched your unboxing video and I see the spindle is indeed pretty tiny. I think the cap they put on top makes it look a lot bigger in the pictures. I’m subscribed and waiting to see what you do!

I’m having a small batch of spindle mounts made from 1/2" aluminum tool plate to fit the X-Carve. Price should be around $40 shipped but that could change (up or down). If your interested, fill out the form here.

3D view images coming…

I have adapted the Makita RT0701C for my Shapeoko 2. The router is fantastic - except it doesn’t work well with the current dust collection I have set up because the fan at the base of the router just blows all the dust everywhere. I will take that downfall for beautifully accurate cuts! The runout is super low. I did get an 1/8" collet from Elaire CO - so that certainly helps the matter. I agree - I wish Inventables would sell a nice mount for the Makita router! I would certainly get one - although my home built one is suiting me fine.

@AlexJones. I have my Shapeoko 2 with Makita and fixed dust extractor. Most of my job are just cutting multi rotor frames and no 3D carving. This shoe has almost zero dust escape even with minimal suction.

If you have 3d printer you can get my design on thingverse.

And yes I got the x carve too with 24V spindle its quite dissappointing in terms of power, way underpower compare to my makita compact router. My x carve has way bigger stepper motor compare to my shapeoko 2 just to be use with this tiny 24V DC motors. :smiley:.

I’m gonna upgrade this Xcarve to Makita.

Are there many/any users of this router in Australia?
I’ve been looking at getting the 1/8" collet from Elaire Corp but with shipping, a single collet will cost $A71. Shipping for 5 wouldn’t cost any more and the total price would drop to $A41, a lot more affordable. You’d have to add local shipping to this but that would run under $A5. (10 off would only drop the price to $A37)
If there’s any interest, please respond to this post.

@JohnScherer John, Do you have still any of the Makita RT0701C mounts available?

G’Day @GeoffSteer GeoffSteer. I have just ordered an X-Carve and and have a Makita RT0701C trim router that I’ll be installing. Did you end up getting the 1/8" collets? If so I’d be even to take one off your hands here in Aust.

I am using the makita and inserted it in the dewalt mount. I shimmed it with pvc pipe with a wall thickness of 1,5mm. And it works great.

@PeterFord No, I didn’t get the Elaire collet. Instead I got a pair of adapters from a> local eBay seller. You get a 1/4" to 1/8" and a 4mm adapter for $A12. Excellent quality, no obvious run-out.

Hi Peter,

I’m out of them at the moment but I’ll do another run of them once I have 12 committed orders. I outsource the machining and it doesn’t pay for me to do runs smaller than that. If you want one, go to the following posting and put your name on the list (first post).

Thank you @JohnScherer . I have complete the form and will cross fingers that your able to get enough interest to do another batch.

Cheers @GeoffSteer. Following your recommendation I have ordered the adapters through eBay.

Thanks Peter. I currently have 5 people on the wait list… 6 including you :wink:

I’ve got couple of private messages regarding Makita RT0701C Router Speed control range.
Seems we have some guys want to know about this. So here is the speed adjustment numbers.

Also adding User Manual and Parts Break down manual as well, in case someone need it.

Parts Breakdown.pdf (663.0 KB)
Manual.pdf (2.6 MB)

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hi Geoff

hows the makita running ?

im in Oz and im trying to get some collets or adaptors for my rt700

im also trying to keep my ER collets and adapt them to the makita,

had i known , and its my fault for not checking , i may have just bought a spindle so i could keep my ER collets . instead of the makita



Yeah, a spindle affords a lot more flexibility w/ ER collets.

In metric countries, there are more collets available than the standard 1/4" / 6.35mm collet which is standard in the U.S. — this seems to vary somewhat based on the standards of the country in question.

If you know someone in the U.S., or you’re willing to look at a shipping service you might want to look into the Elaire precision collets which are quite nice (I have both the 1/8" and 1/4").

The adapters work, but introduce another potential point of failure and additional runout as well as usually not being balanced in design (single slit) at the smaller sizes. I used one on a Harbor Freight 1/4" trim router for a while, but cuts w/ the Makita and Elaire collet are much cleaner.

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Hi Greg,

Makita is going very well indeed. I bought some spare brushes the other day, just in case. No sign of wear on the existing ones. The router mount I got from does a great job and the 30 second X-axis stiffening mode does help. ER collest in the router would be nice!

FYI I do have a spare (new) Elaire 1/8" collet for the Makita. Price is $A30 plus postage - around $A8