Anything I need to address before I start using Fusion 360 for toolpaths?

Although Vcarve Pro is useful for traditional engraving and carving specific to wood work, I prefer Fusion 360 for my design aspect. I have a ready to go router table in Fusion 360 and I figured it would be a relatively easy project to start learning how to use the CAM side of Fusion, since it’s all, essentially, flat planes. I was curious how many other users Fusion for their toolpaths, and if there is any changes I need to make prior to generating gcode for the X-Carve? Thanks!

You need a post processor specific for your gcode sender. (Inventables have a Easel PP for F360 in case you prefer Easel or UGS as sender)

F360 CAM is very powerful and will do anything your X-Carve is able to perform.

I read some prior posts with people talking about using G28 and having issues with the z axis start position, has this been remedied, or is it still a concern?

Is there any reason to avoid using the Easel post processor? That’s what I had been using for Vcarve and it had been fine so far. Is that the same case for Fusion?

No, if Easel works for you… use it :slight_smile:
Download the F360 PP available at Inventables and you are pretty much ready to go.

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Okay great, because I do use a relay to control my spindle. That sounds easy enough, now I just need to input my tool library and feed rates into yet another program for the third time in as many weeks. Sigh.

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f360-Xcarve.cps (12.0 KB)

the Attached file is a modified post that moves your Z up to almost the limits at the end of the program before it moves to x and y home. I almost had a crash when i first started using it because that Z move wasn’t in there.