Arcade game project

Hi all.

Just got my Xcarve going. Thx to all the people that helped me via messaging and thx to them for sharing some files.

I will be buying the wood this weekend and purchasing a raspberry pi computer to run the roms.

I searched the forum but has anyone done this yet?

I’m going to start with a bar-top machine and then build a full size model.

Sadly graduating in 1989 put me right to the end of the era for arcades you could go to before all the home Xboxes and PlayStations and Nintendos made going to the arcade a relic of the past. Call me crazy but Id love to build an 80s game room.

If anyone has some lessons learned about this please feel free to share.

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Bob on I Like to Make Stuff (YouTube Chanel) made one. pretty neat.

The Geek Pub has plans for both versions

Wow he carved the sides! I didn’t think of that. I was just going to let it carve the holes for the buttons.

I am gonna have to up my game! Thx for links.

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I have the pi running retro, but I was looking into a table top running a jamma board. The pi just doesn’t feel right.

ok im also looking at doing a bartop arcade

did see some planes here

as for raspberry pi a short cut to setting up can be found here

good luck

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